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AR1SE fitness. A place that enables all to arise into their full potential. 

Ar1se Fitness

At AR1SE, we exist to help you excel and AR1SE into your fullest potential. We are a 45 minute HIIT workout gym with our workouts always including cardio, kickboxing, weightlifting, calisthenics, and obstacle course race training components. Our workouts are written up each day and are tailored to fit your needs; whether you are a beginner or advanced. You have a trainer with you throughout the workout to facilitate proper technique and encourage you to push it to the limit. WE BELIEVE IN YOU.

For the month of January, we are offering a New Years special for $1 for your first month with a 6 month or 1 year contract.

Our prices:
$25 for one year contract.
$35 for 6 month.
$45 to pay month to month.

We also offer family deals and couple packages- you can message us for more details.

We stand on the basis of love at AR1SE. We believe that in order to AR1SE, it requires the one and only true living God to work through you to grow you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. When you step into our facility, you automatically become family. We believe it is through love and community that true growth can be fostered.

We love you and we cannot wait to see you!

- Shelly Walker, Alex Blackburn and the AR1SE Team

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Located at 

2247-2 King’s Rd.

Shelby, North Carolina



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