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We Empower Life

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Values snapshot

So what do you do exactly? I get this question a lot and often times it ends up being a long 5 minute explanation of all of the things we do, after I wake the person up from their slumber, I say " We Empower Life ! "

It's true. What does that mean?

We exist to enable all that is. We believe that every member of humanity has amazing potential to make a positive difference in the world. If plants, animals, and insects all have unique roles, don't you think that extends to all of creation? We think so and we are here to enable IT. All of it.

Our goal is to awaken that potential in you. A better you results in a better world. A better world, means a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow is only possible if we begin today. #ownyourtoday

How do we do this?

First it starts with our belief that we all have a purpose. We all have gifts and uniqueness, and collectively we make up the body. We are ONE. I actually believe we are ALL one, plants, animals, ocean, mountains, sand. All ONE but that is for another conversation.

We believe the meaning of life is to use your gifts to the betterment of existence. This is the purpose of life. The kicker here is finding and uncovering what those gifts are.

That's what we are here for ! Part of our mission is to help you and others uncover their God given gifts. Yep, mentioned God there. We believe in a creator. Stay with me! :)

We also believe we are a three fold being, made up of a mind, a body, and a spirit. The spirit being the highest form of existence. The more in tune with the spirit we are, the greater our capacity to impact the world in a positive manner.

One of our objectives is to get more to recognize the spirit, not just in self, but in everything.

How do we do all of this?

LIFT (Mind)

It starts with intention, the mind. Through various mediums "Facebook, Instagram, Youtube" we generate content that speaks to all of this wonderfulness we hold within. Sometimes its a message, a blog, a photo, a video. We plant seeds so that trees can grow. We also encourage to join in the discussion, you can see this on our LIFT page.

LIVE (Body, words in action)

We have partnered with some amazing people to help bring these words and messages to life.

At Indigo Nature retreat, we help people uncover the wonderfulness they hold inside, and how to use those gifts to make the world better. Indigo is tucked away in Pisgah National Forest, completely removed from distraction, the perfect place to inspire growth.

At Beanstalk Ziplines, we use adventure to inspire growth. Beanstalk features a climbing tower, 520 ft mega zip, sky bridges, drop zone, and more! Through adventure we inject self esteem, develop physical, mental awareness, and revitalize the human spirit. Making the world better through adventure. Our partnership allows for discounted pricing for team building

Speaking of adventure, Out and Back Adventures is our vehicle to "inspire people to explore, while connecting those who need to go out to get back to themselves. " Getting out in nature to get back to what really matters. We host monthly adventures both locally and abroad. Join an upcoming adventure

LOVE (Soul, Love in action)

At KIND, we inspire kindness. KIND is a coffee shop that inspires kindness. Kind operates independently as a philanthropic enterprise, basically a giant fundraiser. We sell coffee, smoothies, and acai bowls then gives all of the proceeds away to the local community.

Ohana, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Morganton, we put on one of the coolest family events in the land, the Ohana Mud Run ! A 1 mile 16 obstacle mud run that brings family and humanity together one obstacle at a time :)

These are all of the things! Learn more at

Alex and the Alivecubed team

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