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God = Love = Spirit

   We rise in Love


We all have a


We all have gifts + uniqueness

We are ONE

The meaning of life is to use

your gifts to the betterment

of the world

Our being is

made of 3 cores

Mind - Body - Soul

 "Cubed " 

Life to the full is achieved by reflection of the spirit




Form of


We Empower Life.


We exist to empower all that is. We believe that every member of humanity has amazing potential to make a positive difference in the world. If plants, animals, and insects all have unique roles, don't you think that extends to all of creation? We think so and we are here to enable IT. All of it.


Our goal is to awaken your God given potential. We seek to do this, not exclusively for your benefit, but for the benefit of existence. As you awaken your gifts, your potential, your true existence comes to be. When this happens, you become a light. Your happiness, peace, and ability resonates to all around you, lifting those that feel your light. 

As they feel your light, they recognize the light within themselves, and they too ignite. Creating a ripple that is to be seen by all "the city on a hill" 

God, our heavenly father created us each uniquely, like snowflakes, perfectly composed to do something unique. Our uniqueness is seen in our attributes, but most uniquely in our gifts. 

We have an incredible challenge in this world we live in. That challenge is that societal norms condition us to believe we are to simply make money. Money has value, but it is nothing more then an artificial energy. It moves us in society but not necessarily in life. The challenge is significant because it often causes us to lose sight of our gifts, our purpose as we take on artificial roles in life. 

We have great capacity within us. The spirit lives within us. In that understanding, anything is possible, if we can uncover the layers. Our closest understanding of the spirit is represented as a child. Laughing, Vibrance. Pure. As we grow into knowledge "tree of knowledge" the spirit loses value within our own psyche, and limitations become real, because we believe them to be real. 

To return to that childlike state is very difficult, as we are infused with constant knowledge through media that re-enforces values and realities that are not real. We seek societal gain vs. Life gain. 

What is life gain? Life gain is nothing more than spiritual gain. The fruits of the spirit. 



Long Suffering







Self Control

When the spirit is realized, everything in life is pure. You can see the beauty in everything, and the self is dismissed for others, meaning your existence doesn't seem to matter in your mind, because all you want to do is to be a vessel, to help others. 

In helping others, your life becomes meaningful. When life becomes meaningful, purpose is realized. When you are living with purpose, you feel so full, almost extremely excited about everything and everyone. This is love. Love can only be felt. It is what we are called to feel. This is the gift of life that God gave us. Life is a gift. 

Spirit = God = Love

This is the totality of life. Nothing more, nothing less. Love.

When you are in a state of love. You recognize the beauty of life. You also recognize the beauty you have within you. Gifts

Gifts/Passions are part of your mission. They are the map to uncovering your unique purpose. My purpose (my name is not important) is to help you uncover your gifts and purpose. 

The purpose of life is to use your gifts to the betterment of existence. This can only be done through love. With love, you have a natural inclination to use your gift at no benefit to self, but to serve others. 

As each of us do this, existence becomes better. The problems no longer exist. Love is felt by all.

Heaven on Earth is achieved. Life as it was intended to be is restored. 

That is all.

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